Today I voted for the second time. I am so thankful that I live in a country that allows me to vote. I vote for a couple reasons, my first reason is so that I can have a voice. The second reason I vote is because of all the girls in other countries who are not allowed to vote, when I go to vote I vote with them in mind. My third reason for voting is because my vote matters & can make a difference. I am so thankful to live in Canada. I am happy that I have rights as a young 21 year old woman, I’m happy that I have a voice & my opinion matters.  I’m beyond thankful that I live in a country that allowed me as a girl to go to school & learn, that allows me to work outside the home, & that hears what I have to say. I truly live in the best country in the world. Today this line in our anthem plays over & over in my head “God keep our land, glorious & free.”  This is my prayer today for Canada as we all go to the polls.

Please take the time today to vote, your vote matters.


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