A Day of Rest

Growing up we were always taught to have a day of rest. While in school that normally was Sunday. When I turned 12 I started to attend church on Saturday nights & then used Sundays to just relax. That meant no homework, no chores; just relaxing. Now that I'm in college, working part-time, taking piano, [...]

A Weekly Challenge

So near the end of last week in my Women & Ministry class my Professor Glenda Malmin began to talk about the controversial verses in the Bible that regard women functioning in ministry.  There's two specific verses she pointed out the first one being found in 1 Timothy 2:12 it says, "I do not permit a [...]

Healthy Friendships

God's really been speaking to me about friendships over the past couple of months.  I've been going through this season where I've had to distance myself from people I used to be really close with. God's just spoken to me about my personal standards & how I need to surround myself with friends who are [...]

Ready for a Change

I've stumbled upon a couple of things this week that has inspired this post. Now I'm on a negativity fast so I'm going to do my best to try & stay positive through out this whole message & the things I want to talk about are 1. Feminism 2. Respect/Self-Respect & 3. Modesty. The first [...]